Tuesday, January 6, 2009



That's barely over three and a half tons.
That's seven groups of a thousand with two left over (1st grade mathmeticians)
That's two year's ago, backward (What?)
That's the total amount of weight for all the people in the weight loss competition.

Because I will be soon taking
Leah Darrington's
April Paris's
Jess Prisbrey's

$20.00 too.

Why have deadlines, right? At some point we'll have to cap this event off, but I hate to deprive someone of a little extra motivation AND of 20 more dollars in my pocket when THEY LOSE TO ME on April 15th. I do have to remind everyone, though, that once you email me your weight, YOU ARE IN! I'm not going to check up on you or collect the money early or call to follow up that you're enduring until the April 15th final weigh-in. I figure we're all big enough (no pun intended) to fork over the $20 when the competition is all said and done. And I have calories to keep track of; I don't really want to play secretary.

I do have to thank Daniel for the Sparkpeople.com website. It's pretty much filled with awesome-ness. Not that I want to give anyone tips, but I'm finding it pretty handy.


Jessi McCall said...

Holy cow, this thing is getting serious! I should maybe start my diet now huh?? Dang, I feel the pressure...fo' real!!!

Leah and Dustin said...

Oh... I'm in... I am SO IN!!! So grateful you allowed my late entry but I must warn you that you may regret that decision come 4-15! I'm pulling out all the stops and bringing out some good ol' tried and true tricks... I'm going to win this thing or waste away trying.

Amy said...

I saw the spark people suggestion when Daniel mentioned it & I tried the salsa chicken crock pot recipe from there. It was easy, good & all the kids ate it (the kids ate it part is a miracle around my house! :) So thanks for the tip!