Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Down and Dirty

So. Last night Tyler came home with this little goodie.

Yeah, that would be an entire cake from dear, sweet Mindy and Annie. That would be Mindy and Annie of the weight loss competition. Nice, huh? Such a cute cake. So perfectly decorated and PERFECTLY supportive!


My kids are going to enjoy eating this sweet treat while I add your $20.00 into my pile of winnings. I hope you don't succomb to the temptations that will be coming your ways shortly, because, you know, payback is a BIG, FAT CANDY BAR!

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chris jenkins said...

maybe i should come drop off dinner for a night or two - gourmet even - steak! :D

and some creme brulee for dessert - so what do you say - you tempted?

and ryan told me to tell you - his will is stronger and he has NEVER lost a weight contest yet!

Jerolyn said...

I think I WILL join the weight loss challenge just so people will start bringing me tempting treats and steak dinners...hummmmmm!!! I'd be in it to LOSE it but it would be a tasty loss!!!

Annie O. said...

Man, 10 points for Tyler, I would have thought he would have fed it to the scouts with the other cake we brought in there. But then again, if he doesn't have to share the money with you, yea, I would have taken it home to Josh. I can't say no to chocolate and mint or those Jr. Mints but the ones with the caramel inside, yum! And this candy bar does not come out of the $ 20 you will owe me! You should take the cake as a compliment, maybe Mindy is scared of you! ;)

Amy said...

I think Jerolyn is onto something!

Babs said...

Now that's dirty! My money's still on you...(that is for getting back even dirtier).

annilee said...

Ha Ha, now that's a good one! Did you at least have a little piece??? Looks good!

Doty6strong said...

Oh I'm not scared of Sarah. Although I did see you on Sunday and you were looking a few pounds thinner. Yay for you but you're still gonna lose. That cake has Annie's dirty work all over it...she made the cake, she decorated it, I simply suggested we give our extra one to our dear sweet friend.
P.S. I like Baby Ruth, Milky Way, Snickers or any random candy bar you find in the check out isle! I'll eat it and still woop your butt! ;)