Wednesday, January 14, 2009

O Christmas!

In 2007 I posted a few pictures at Christmas time and then "organized" my photos. SOMEHOW in all that organization I deleted all my photos from December 17th until December 30th. Yup, all the pictures I have from Christmas are the ones of my sisters' family (because I had saved hers on a CD) and the ones I put on the blog. I'm still about it. I can't talk about it too much more.

So here's my collection of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Christmas Eve at the Barlows for dinner, scriptures, and song-singing:

Then we came home where the kids found that Santa HAD dropped off pajamas. That silly Santa! He must have already known they all had Christmas jammies from the Polar Express trip, but must not have been able to help himself with another pair that were more character-y.

Then, with Uncle Brandon's help, Tyler and I prepped for Santa. We staged everything by about 1am and, perfectly, the kids slept in until 7am-ish. Just right. We had a hard time keeping the kids out of the living room, but they were pretty patient for Briggs to be changed and fed (which he promptly re-gurgitated. ew!)

Later that morning Grandma and Grandpa Barlow came by to do their Christmas with us (again Uncle Brandon helped with the package opening). Then we headed over to my folks. I got to talk to my brother for a good 40 minutes. It was fabulous. I miss him a lot. David treated us all to super cool feather deer statues. You gotta notice next time you stop by.

And finally. EVERY year Tyler takes the kids to a store and lets them buy whatever they want for me. This year Caylee was in charge and led the boys to the accessories department. Boy, I bet you wish your little elves hooked you up like this:
(Not shown, super long star dangly earrings.)

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Angela said...

Wow, what a rock star you are. :) Love the excited faces on the christmas morning photos and super impressed with the amount of pictures. I actually only ended up snapping like 15 pictures of the entire event. Love the post...keep them coming.