Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weighty Matters

So I was talking to a friend who wanted to join the weight loss competition tonight and she brought up how her scale might be different than my scale. I guess somehow it would skew the results come April 15th. SOOO. I am putting my scale outside of my house all day tomorrow and you can come and weigh yourself without me knowing, and then you can calibrate your scale at home to match. I dunno. This may be getting to be too much effort.


And, honestly, I don't mind adding more people. Just email me with your weight and you're in like Jenny Craig or whoever. But again, that obligates you to the $20.00 commitment. I don't want to have to chase you down for your money or talk crap behind your back if you flake on this commitment. Cuz you know I will trash talk you if you stiff me MY $20.00.

And I swear there is more going on in my life than this biggest loser competition. I could post Christmas pictures or from the Polar Express. Maybe tomorrow.

I have been going to the gym with every other Tom, Dick, and Sally who decided to get in shape for the new year. I can't wait for February when everyone looses steam and I can have my pick of gym equipment like before. Whoops, I guess that's not very supportive. And I've been doing much better with my eating. I have decided, though, that healthy eating makes me a little more cranky AND that the effort from all this "being healthy" business could land me a lucrative job somewhere in the real world. And if I used all that energy at my new job I could afford lipo. And a boob job. Cuz figuring everything out takes a lot of effort is all I'm sayin'.

I did finally get my Christmas mostly packed away. I keep forgetting the girls still have a tree in their bedroom until I walk in there at bedtime and I think, "Crap! I forgot that tree is still up." And then come morning I don't think about it until bedtime the next night. Oh well.

ScrapFest is coming in a quick month. I'm really looking forward to it. I just have to get on the ball and order everything so I have it ready to go. While I REALLY enjoy doing it, I do stress that people won't have a good time or feel like it's worth the money. If I don't think about that, though, I get to be excited to see all the people who I only get to see once a year when they come to ScrapFest. Or I think about all the fun people who will be in the same room at the same time. I'm seriously trying to only bring a few things because I'd really like to sit and visit more this year. Each year I pack up all my stuff and then don't get half of it worked on. Then again, I haven't scrapped in so long that I have a ton to do. Sigh. Such issues, huh!

I've decided for the new year that it will be a good one. We talked to the kids about our goals for the year and I tried to keep mine simple and attainable so I wouldn't be frustrated. I want to learn how to make wheat bread. I want to be healthier. I want to work on my spirituality. That's it. Other than having a loaf of bread in my hands, I'm not sure how to measure the other ones. Having a desire to be better goes a long way, I think, so I am going to hope by the end of 2009 I'll feel good about what I accomplished.

Alrighty. Since my back is cramping up from a good workout tonight, I'm gonna hit the hay. Later.


mills said...

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Jessi McCall said...

Well, I must give you a big Thank you for coming up with this competition. I know it must be a headache for you to organize everything while trying to focus on losing weight too! Just remind yourself that in April,EVERYONE that shows up at your house will be a healthier person. That should make you feel good!! :) Good luck. I'm leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow and plan on coming back 5_7 lbs. heavier, but then I'm back on! haha

Jeannie said...

Wait a second...didn't I see you at the gym in the morning? You said you had a good work out TONIGHT?! Man, if you're pulling two-a-day's maybe I'll need to step it up a little to claim my $600. :) All in good fun. We will all be winners. Or not.

Jessi McCall said...

Sorry to double comment, but I just had a thought. I would have liked to come by and weigh in, but I didn't have a chance. SO, since you're at the gym TWICE a day, would you mind seeing if your scale is the same as the gym's? And, seriously, two a days? You go woman!

Nan said...

I can just bring my scale with me:) Are you really going twice a day???

barlows said...

I'm really thinking people should bring their scales with them and wear a swimming suit. I can't handle the stress of scale inaccuracies and/or nude weighing-ins to get an extra pound off. We'll figure it out before April. And heavens no, I'm not working out twice . . . at the gym, at least.