Thursday, January 8, 2009

In my spare time

So somewhere in my day of getting my kids off to school and preschool, nurturing the sweetest baby, making three healthy meals for 6/7 of us (I do feed Tyler dinner, but he's on his own the rest of the day), cleaning and re-cleaning the same dishes, clothes, and toys, doing my church calling, keeping up with friends and family, and all the general things that life throws in my direction you really think I have time for two-a-days???

You are giving me way too much credit.

Yes, Jeannie did see me in the morning.

Yes, I mistyped tonight when I meant to write today. I should have cleared that up more quickly on the comments of my last post.

I will share, in the spirit of full disclosure, this lovely experience this morning at the gym. It started early this morning when I got up a little earlier than normal and started drinking water. By the time I got to the gym I wondered if I should make a potty stop before hitting the treadmill. Let's just say that when I hit speed 4.3 mph I KNEW I should have emptied my bladder. I got a good 3/4 mile in before I abandoned my treadmill to go potty where I discovered I had pretty much pee-ed my pants [really it was more like a little trickle and it was good I stopped when I did.] Yes, I know that is TOO MUCH INFORMATION, but you know you need to be in better shape when even your bladder can't hold it together. Thank heavens for me wearing black pants today and the fabulous dry-wear fabric blotted dry pretty quick so I could finish my workout.

And before anyone thinks, "ew, she's a work-er-out-er," I'm really not. I don't like it that much. I am FINALLY beginning to see how it's good for my body, but that's a long stretch from loving the gym. I spend the majority of my workouts figuring out when I can be done . . . like it's a necessary evil. Usually. Today was a little different. I don't know if I hit some good groove on my ipod or what, but I was really feeling good about what I was doing. Don't think I was soo rose-y that I didn't notice my body jiggling in all the reflective surfaces at the gym, but even so I was appreciative that I have gotten to the point to be dedicated to making a change. Finally.

I'm curious what everyone else is eating. I'm discovering how little I NEED to eat vs. what I want to eat. I am also learning how much better I do with food when I'm busy and so I've been trying to keep moving throughout my day instead of sitting on the couch. (Don't think I have forgotten about my DVR shows that are piling up, though. It kinda stresses me out.) Tonight I was talking with Amy and Bob, who are both in the contest, and we were speculating what percentage would win this biggest loser competition. What do you guys think you can pull? I have a target and I know that even if I fall short of it I'll be happy with what I get. I figure come April 15th it will have been a good thing for a lot of people (we're up to 37 . . . yeah, do the math for the pot total!) no matter what the percentages end up being. Hopefully everyone will lose something. (I mean we already know they're losing their $20 to me, but hopefully they lose a couple pounds for their well-being.)

I know I've been blogging a lot about this weight loss thing; it's fun for me. My kids are all doing well and Tyler is keeping us all together. I will hopefully post pictures soon of the fun program Caylee was in at school and the awesome Disney on Ice show we got to go to tonight (thanks to Uncle Derrick who is about THE most generous person I have ever known. *Seriously* you made a bunch of girls super happy . . . and the moms had a good time too . . . I think even the dad had a good time. You're just great!)

Tomorrow's a busy day. *Sigh* Gotta love it.


Jeannie said...
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Amy Barlow said...

See my percent isn't way off either. I am shooting for 25%. The secret is egg whites and salsa. Low cal breakfast that lasts!

Annie O. said...

25%, man looks like if someone hits 26% they could take it! Anyway, I am doing the Curves diet. It worked twice so here is to time #3. It is nice because it has all your meals planned out with a shopping list and you can add extras to make meals for the whole fam. Anyway, glad you are doing this to get me in to high gear.

Jeannie said...

I deleted my earlier comment because I am inept at math and the percentage I put was wrong. My goal is to lose 10% but since when do I ever meet my goals?! It's anyone's game!

Doty6strong said...

My percentage is SO HIGH that I am totally gonna kick everyone's butts. You should all just stop trying now and go eat some brownies, you know you want to. I'm all about being a loser, even though I'm gonna win.

John Petersen said...

This is off topic but I have to comment on Tyler's Christmas letter. It is officially the funniest Chirstmas letter ever written and can never be topped. Therefor I propose that Tyler retire from his duties as the Barlow Family Christmas Poet and never have to write a Christmas letter again.