Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who needs Richard Simmons?

See what the chance to win $460.00 will do to people?
YES! That's how much money I will be winning on April 15th.
(Or maybe more if people want in and email me at by midnight tonight - see previous posts for more details)
Because I will not be a victim of sabotage KEVIN!
Just a couple sips.
And THEN I will not be a victim of sabotage.


chris jenkins said...

you've talked the talk but you'd better walk the walk :D - ryan and i are both going to kick it into high gear - ryan has won plenty of these sorts of things (and gained back unfortunately) and i got myself something for christmas to help me along, so there! we shall see who wins - oh we shall see!

Erin said...

I've already got big plans for this money, people. So BRING IT, suckas!!! And Sarah, there's more where that shake came from... (kidding. sort of.)