Monday, April 2, 2007

Don't you hate it when . . .

(This post is dedicated to Stacy)

Don't you hate it when . . .

Your kids get up in the middle of the night whining about how their covers are cold even though the house is too warm due to the temperature rise over the weekend and your resistance to turn the air on. AND you want to argue the point with the aforementioned three year old since cool covers are, like, THE BEST (especially on a warm night.)

Some "R. Calloway" calls at 7:00am in the morning and doesn't leave a voice mail. So you wake up WAY before you are willing to only to think about who R. Calloway is and why he is calling at 7:00am when you'd rather be sleeping in. It's Spring Break for crying in the dark!

Your husband opens a door so that he can be cool enough thru the night and when "R. Calloway" calls at 7AM you can't go back to sleep since the birds are so freaking loud and some dog in the neighborhood is barking. So you tell him he needs to get up and shut the door, but he makes some comment about "why are you so grumpy?" and you tell him you're bugged about the phone call and the noise and he answers, "I think it's lovely to listen to the birds."

So you finally get up yourself and shut the door, lie back down, and then you can hear your baby awake shouting in his crib. Sigh. It's all "R. Calloway's" fault.

But then your wonderful husband gets up with the baby and keeps him occupied until a more decent hour of 8:30am when the husband HAS to leave for work (WHICH I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT SINCE IT WAS THE BRIGHT SPOT SO FAR), but when he plops the wet-diapered, whining, hungry baby right by my ear to wake me up again? Seriously? Don't you hate that?

So you get up and fix oatmeal after digging the high chair tray out of the sink of dirty dishes and think you'll get on the ball and unload the dishwasher so you can load the very full sink of crusty weekend dishes. And then you realize after you've pulled everything out of the bottom rack that hadn't been washed because you spaced STARTING the dishwasher even though you can swear that you did start is, so you wonder if your dishwasher is broken/breaking?

And then you start to blog abou the way MONDAY has started and you remember you forgot to re-load the dirty silverware that you'd unloaded into the drawer. So, you have to stop your blog to go dig out the dirty ones from the clean ones.

Oh, and your baby just threw his bowl of oatmeal on the floor.

Don't you hate that? Happy Monday everyone.
Thank you. Thank you very much.


Julina said...

SARAH! I am so sorry! I'm laughing, only because it was hysterical to read about, but really, I am sorry. I HATE waking up before I'm supposed to, ESP. when you can't fall asleep again. It's definately on my top ten pet-peeves list. maybe top five. I hope the day ends better than it started.

Beth said...

Are you sure it wasn't R. "Calley"? That would be about the right time for a phone call from Michigan! Sorry your Monday started out so un-smoothly. Bag the dishes. They'll be there later. Go have some fun!

Stac said...

Oh man, what a crazy morning! Thanks for the dedication! it made me feel good and gave me a good laugh!

Daniel said...

Wow someone had the case of the Mondays fo sho!!!