Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Swim Lesson Saga

This is "Part I" of what I hope to be a very short saga in the quest to get my kids enrolled in swim lessons. My current state of mind is "fired up" as I have just spent the last 37 minutes agonizingly trying to register my kids for swim lessons. One of the local rec centers has a great facility for swim lessons, but a less-than-great registration policy. Registration ONLINE began today at 1pm, by 1:15pm all the entry level swim classes were pretty much booked and I was not patient enough to stay online to even see if I could squeeze a kid here and there for their lessons. I know I am not the only one sitting in front of their computer freaking out every time you click something because the rec center's server is so touchy, and there are so many people trying to register, that you don't know if you'll be permitted to move on to the check-out. I actually think I'd prefer sitting in a line all night to register and to do it in person rather than doing it online. Then I could watch a person write all my kids into the class roster and if she freezes or takes an abnormally long time to complete a task, I could say something like, "HELLO??!!" or "Let's just start all over if I've just confused you to a point of inactivity." And then the real, live, human could say, "No, I am jut waiting to make sure those classes are all available before we get all set to pay and THEN find out they're no longer open. Plus, Ms. Barlow, since you waited in line, I can guarantee you'll be placed in the classes you want since nobody can cut you in line with a faster modem or keystroke abilities." Agh, like the good old days. And I am thinking, heaven forbid you don't have computer access and have to snail mail your registration . . . you are screwed. Because after a whopping 1 hour and 45 minutes of registration all sections of entry-level swim classes at henderson pools are booked! I am sure I could find some configuration of classes to match my three kids, but, again, not enough patience. I am figuring out what I can afford on private lessons and have someone come right over to my house and do it in one fail swoop. I will continue the saga later.

In other news. My Monday ended better than it started. I took the kids and two of their friends to the movie, "Meet the Richardsons." They had playdates and I rested on the couch as, apparantly, a menu of popcorn and Coke for the day does not settle so well in my tummy. We had dinner with Tyler's aunt and uncle from Texas over at Bruce and Dodie's. Happy Family night! I still wasn't feeling well enough to eat (which, if you've had pizza loaf before you know that was sacrifice), but by the time we sat around and chatted I was feeling better. We bathed the kids (a nightly ritual now that they constantly smell like sweaty-outside kids) and watched Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. I have to confess my wicked ways, too. When The Bachelor was coming on, Tyler declared he was going to our room to read and go to bed. When I asked him what he was gonna read, he told me probably his scriptures (yeah, I know, he's so great!) And what is my response? NOoooo, stay here with me and watch the Bachelor so we can make fun of all the girls. I am such a bad influence. He sat with me with much eye-rolling and sighing and commenting, and finally he sprawled out on the family room floor and went to sleep. I owe him for jeopardizing his eternal soul. I am sure I can figure a way to make it up to him. Until later . . . gotta go find a swim teacher.


Jenn S. said...

See, this is why we need to be next door neighbors, I totally forgot about the Bachelor last night, as Marc was hogging the TV with his stupid March Madness (Hello, it's APRIL!).

I would have loved to watch it with you and to have critiqued all the crazy bachelorettes while the boys watched basketball . . .


Stac said...

DANGIT!!! I missed the bachelor! I was enjoying my first night without a kid and actually chose to lay in my bed and read a book. Tell Tyler he is lucky to have someone there to remind him of what is good in life.

Daniel said...

After reading that for some reason I just see you in red with horns and wearing flippers, holding swim trunks and a pizza loaf persuading Tyler to watch the Bachelor. This blog is distubing on many levels but like always amazing.

PS Vote Sanjaya!!!!

Chris said...


i get busy with life and can't check in on you for a couple days and all of a sudden there is like 2 posts!

you're a much better blogger than me. i have been very inconsistent as of late.

don't do the swim lesson saga. i used to, but i decided it wasn't worth because my kids never learned that way even after countless times. plus i have become lazy in my old age - i seriously hate dragging the kids to the rec center every day for 2 weeks - i am just not that good anymore. yupmy kids learned the old-fashioned cheap way. we just threw them in the pool and they finally got it. it works and is way less stress.

don't do the whole reality tv bit. the bachelor just shows how pathetic women have become - i call that show who can be the biggest ho. i do know who sanjaya is, only cuz he is the vote for the worst candidate.

about the last post - the only advice i have for you is turn the ringer off and the answering machine on mute

now that i have left you a whole novel - i guess maybe i will get to my own blog. don't hold me to it. i said maybe. lol.

Julina said...

I just watched the first episode of the bachelor tonight in Sarah and Casey's room, and let me say that the guy is freaking hot. I'm looking forward to this season, except for that my parents might not be such huge fans... I might be forced to watch it at your house or something. haha. But I bet Tyler will be blessed for spending time with his wife, right? There's gotta be a bonus in there somewhere.