Monday, April 16, 2007

An Officer and A Gentleman

Alright, so let's be real about The Bachelor. I love it in a sick in the head, guilty-pleasure, watching a train wreck, can't wait to watch it on my own kind of way. Tyler, on the other hand, can't stand it. (It's on his hate list, right above blogging, btw). Every week I try to convince him it's worth it just to watch the women make fools of themselves and see what kind of a dweeb the bachelor is. He lasted 13 minutes this week. After Bevin (one of my faves) broke her ankle he couldn't stand it any more and got up in disgust. I tried to convince him he was gonna miss good stuff, like mud baths and bikinis, but when Andy came out and gave Bevin the rose before she was whisked away in an ambulance for the twisted ankle, Tyler couldn't handle it and he headed to bed. So, without totally going in to the whole show, can I just say how much Stephanie South Caroline BUGS me? Okay, I gotta go watch Stephanie Kansas give the TLC and see which of the two on one gets sent home. Enjoy a guilty pleasure for me and watch the Bachelor online if you missed it tonight!

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