Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday morning Thoughts

I had a conversation with Tyler last night about this blog and why I do it. It got me thinking. I don't know that I can really identify WHY I do it, and I don't know that it matters WHY as much as I enjoy the release it gives me. I guess, in my mind, SOMEONE out there is reading and appreciating something about me and my life. I don't even need to know if the person exists, or have them make a comment. I don't pay attention to how many comments I get (although, I do appreciate keeping in touch like that.) It's more of something I just tell myself as an extra boost. I do want to say this, too, publicly on my blog. I love my husband. He is a great, great man (WAY better than me, actually) and I appreciate him as a person and a FRIEND. Granted, he doesn't really want to be my girlfriend, but he's solid and true and loyal and loving and really funny. [He wants me to make sure everyone knows how funny he is!] I knew a long time ago that he was a catch and I totally scored. He is endlessly patient (even if I have worn him down a little) with me, especially. I admire him for his ease with people, his non-judgmental-ness, and his ability to not let the thick of the thin things weigh him down. Anyway, he's great, trust me. I do not say this all to be boastful, but to share that I am blessed far more than I deserve.

I have a ton of stuff to do today for meetings I have tonight and I am getting my hair done this afternoon. Pretty excited about that. Gotta go grocery shopping, so I need to make my list from (this amazing website that has an easy-to-use recipe search). I have Caylee's music class, a camp meeting, a youth conference meeting, and Grey's Anatomy tonight. I probably sounded kind of onry about the scrapbook thing last night, I didn't mean to, if I did...and no, Jana, I thought your conversation was do-able. We did some cute pages and can stay a month a head for the rest of the year so I won't be stressing about that around the holidays. Actually, maybe we should try and get the whole year done a head of time and then I won't have to worry about it at all. I WAS in a fuzz last night, though . . .

Went walk/jog/running this morning and worked up to 15 minutes straight. The walk yesterday helped my sore chins for today. I always got shin splints the first few weeks of soccer when I played in high school, so I know it'll pass with some good stretching. I am pretty impatient, though. I mean, hello?! I have been going for four days in a row, how come I am not down to a size 8 and why do I still jiggle? Patience, right? Whatever. I am so instant gratification girl. I know I need to cut out the soda, AGAIN! It's a love-hate relationship with me and my cola. More on that later, probably, as it's an on-going issue.

I gotta go get my kids clicking and dry my hair . . . to do, to do, check, check, check. It completes me.

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chris jenkins said...

i think the release is a big part of the whole blogging thing - it is very therapeutic to just share and know that other people out there relate

tyler is a great guy - the jenkins clan thinks so

thanks for the advice on the stretching - i need to stretch better!

good luck with the slew of afternoon activity - thursday are our hectic day too.

see ya at the camp meeting!