Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hippity Hoppity Easters on its way!

It's late and I have had a long day, but I have bloggers guilt for not posting any more than I have this week. I will try and use my sister's excuse that I was out of town, even though it was only for 24 hrs.

Thursday afternoon I went with some peeps from church to St. George to scope out some things for our stake's youth conference. It was a very productive trip and I can say, "This will be the best youth conference EVER." In fact, that's our sub-theme. Not really, but I still surprise myself at how stoked I get when it comes to youth activities. I do like a good party, but most of the time I can keep myself in the reality that I am an old lady who thinks most things are pretty rad . . . it doesn't take much for me to be entertained. Good, clean, fun. That's what it's about, right? Anyhow, it's gonna rock and I don't even care if the kids think I am a dork who is WAY too into a church activity. I spent enough time as a teenager trying to be cool enough that I couldn't let on how much I was digging a game that was nothing more than a bunch of people tapping red cups in a circle or playing a fancy version of tag. Not that we'll be planning a game of tap the red dixie cup or "missionary tag" for youth conference this year, but everything we did plan will be just as good, just as clean, and probably even funner. (yeah, I know that's not really a word, but it works.) Also, we got to eat at Pizza Factory and Cafe Rio. Yum. Yeah, just be jealous for a minute that I had a pork smothered burrito. Yum. Can't wait for the new Cafe Rio in Vegas to open. Supposedly in May now. Don't hold your breath, local fans, since they have been "gonna open" since January.

Friday night Tyler and I had date night with our friends, Robin and Jake. We ate at Elephant Bar in the district, where I enjoy their fettucine with mushrooms EVERY time I eat there. I am a creature of habit. Name a restaurant and I can tell you my "go-to" entree. I hardly ever branch out. It never fails that if I do try something new I won't like it and then I am bugged I didn't go with the tried and true. Oh well. Then we went and saw "Blades of Glory." It was funny, slightly uncomfortable, but funny. I am a Will Ferrell fan and Jon Heder is just the same Napolean with more spandex and sequins in this movie. A lot of funny one liners, of which I can't remember cuz I have a bad memory for stuff like that, but I will appreciate it when people start quoting it like they have with other Ferrell or Heder movies. GOSH!

Today was a hum-dinger. I am trying to keep up on my house work since I am sans Paula now. Yes, another mourning moment of silence would be appropriate. Tyler's aunt and uncle and cousins were in town so we had a big family BBQ this evening. After a ragball game (go Kenzie for being one of two kids from our ward to show up), a quick trip to Target, and even quicker trip to the grocery store this morning I was busy busy for the afternoon. I made potato salad, did 6 loads of laundry and folded them + two more, finished re-cleaning the house (which, let's be real, I will always be re-cleaning my house), sent an email for a open house party thing, and went swimming with my girls. I turned on the pool heater yesterday so it'd be warm enough today when the company came over. It ran through the night and shut off about 6am. Tyler checked it this morning, yeah, 100 degrees. No joke. By this afternoon/evening it had cooled to a balmy 96. It was like walking into a bathtub since it was warmer in the water than out. There were a lot of kids so you had NO idea who was peeing where and it was lovely. I am still on the hunt for a swim teacher since Caylee and I about had it out this afternoon when I tried to get her off the step of the big pool or out of the spa. Ugh.

Finally, tonight, I typed a talk for Mackenzie to give at church tomorrow since she's part of the Easter program. My favorite part she wrote was, "I am glad I am getting baptized when I am 8 and not when I am, like, 64 . . . not that being baptized at 64 is bad, even if you die the next day. . ." She's funny. The Easter bunny is eager for all of us to go to bed, so I will leave you with a picture attachment, since that makes a post so much more read-worthy (of the kids a couple of weeks ago when we first tried to heat the pool to a much more chilly 72 degrees). Happy Easter.


Julina said...

oh my heck... I know how you feel... maybe. I LOVED my last youth conference and am now kicking myself for thinking I was too cool to enjoy the other ones as well. My sister told me all about her YC and how much fun it was and I was seriously jealous.
Mike said Blades of Glory was funny and that we have to watch it once I get down there. I'm under 3 weeks now, so it's not much longer!

Jerolyn said...

Girl you so crazy... 100 degrees huh? WOW!
For dinner did you serve a "delicious bass" cuz if you did your guests would have been so "lucky"
love ya jer

Jenn S. said...

holy cow - miss productive! I need a nap just for reading all the stuff that you got accomplished this weekend - your amazing! Can't wait to hear all about your YC plans . . .

Chris said...

just wishin you a happy easter!

Daniel said...

Ok is your grass really that green?