Monday, April 23, 2007

A note

A note for the guy at the elementary school this afternoon:

Dear fellow parent of a Weiner Whale,
Please don't hollar at me from 50 yards away about my lack of parking in a spot when we are loading out kids into our vehicles. If you have a problem that I stopped my huge bus of a car as close to the school's entrance as possible, then perhaps you could come and speak to me about it instead of raising your arms and shouting, "That's not a parking spot LADY!" Because if you could take your [also late, illegally parked] self over to me I could explain that my daughter was getting some sad news from her assistant principal regarding "take your kid to work day" so my quick run-in took a bit longer than I anticipated. I already was feeling badly enough about taking so long at the scrapbook store, and had already dealt with inept office staff at the school, so I don't need your sweaty man attitude. And while I understand your frustration, as I, too, have found myself stuck behind other inconsiderate parents who park their cars in the driveway, I don't understand why you have to be so rude about it, especially since you, Mr. Black Kettle, are also parked in a "No parking" zone. Instead, maybe you could just get in your car and continue your conversation with you son while I finish consoling my daughter. But I am not going to yell that back at you because I am assuming your afternoon was pretty crummy, too, since we we're both picking our kids up more than fifteen minutes after the bell rang. So, I hope you remember that the world at Weiner Elementary doesn't revolve around you any more than it revolves around me and if you yell at me again I may be forced to take my tank of a car and completely crush your Civic. Thank you, Thank you VERY MUCH!
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Does your kid really go to a school called Weiner Whale?? Do you realize how much material is there.