Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weekend Update

We had a happy Easter weekend, complete with plenty of hoot and fluff. Back story: When I announced to Tyler that we were hosting Thanksgiving, he moaned. Then he explained that whenever we host a function, I tend to start "hootin' and fluffin' whilst we prepare. It's a way to describe the controlled panic and frenzy that a really long to-do list and limited time causes. Anyhow. Thursday afternoon, before I went to St. George, Aunt Lexi and cousin Caitlyn came over to dye eggs. The kids enjoy that kind of craft, but Brock was still a little too young to not throw the "bops" (his word for balls, which is what he confused the egg for.) Saturday, I already wrote about in my last post, was good and fun. I enjoy Tyler's family. My in-laws are great, some of my best friends, really. Tyler's aunts, in particular, are so easy to talk to and I look forward to seeing them for all sorts of family functions. I realized Sat. afternoon that I forgot to buy a slip for Mackenzie, so Tyler ended up going to the mall to slip shop. How good of a husband is that? Unfortunately, he was unable to find the right size, but we found one for Caylee that Kenzie wore the next day even though it totally didn't fit. Come Sunday morning, though, it was all hoot and fluff mode. Because of the festivities the night before, we had to do Easter bunny, baths, normal breakfast stuff, AND get ready for church before 9am. Mackenzie spoke in the Easter program, so we HAD to be on time. It was close (for them, I was 40 minutes late since I still had wet hair and was in my skivvies when everyone else left) and I was trying not to freak out as they were all getting ready, mostly cuz we couldn't do a family picture. I have a thing about coordinating our outfits, I am sure I have confessed that before, so I was so bummed not to get a pre-church photo. You know once you send them to church there's no guarantee they won't come home with something schmucked onto their clothes, especially if you are counting on taking a picture AFTER church. Oh well. Tyler's mom, who makes all her granddaughters' dresses for Easter, did SUCH a great job for all the girls. Caylee was specific about the blue color and how she wanted a skirt. Since Kenzie is getting her baptism dress, I figured she'd just do the white one, but two days before Easter Dodie managed to make a dress for Kenz AND it matched Caylee's and the boys' shirts. I loved it. She has an amazing sewing talent. After church we had my whole family over for dinner (where we served the leftover potato salad *Yum* with ham, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, Stacy's orange fluff salad, and Erin's HOMEMADE rolls - they were from scratch), so before everyone showed up I was all a hoot-and-a-fluff. Just getting everything done in a timely manner is an issue and plus I see a million things that I need to be doing too. Another good thing about Tyler is how he just knows what I need, so while he gives me my space to knock and bang around in the kitchen, he also quietly picks up the other rooms where people will be hanging out and keeps the kids out of my way. He copes with me so well! We had a good time with the fam and had the first ever Easter egg roller derby. You roll your boiled egg into someone else's and whoever's egg cracks the most is knocked out of the bracket. Oh yeah, we had a bracket. My nephew, Seth, took us all out and won the whole thing. Anyway, there's too many pics to post, but trust me when I say it was a good day. So, now I am in recovery mode from the hosting and have yet to get a ton of stuff checked off my list, which is really what i live to do. Peace. Hoot. Fluff.

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Chanel said...

LOVE the family picture! Your kids are GORGEOUS!!! SO nice to hear about your big fun family easter! YAY!