Monday, March 3, 2008

Belated Birthday Wishes!

Oh, how I wish I were really good about remembering birthdays and special dates my doing something fun and/or creative and/or thoughtful. It is SERIOUSLY a New Year's Resolution ever year and I seem to blow it by the time the first date comes and goes with me behind on the celebrating. ANYWAY, I just wanted to sent a little shout out to my girl HEATHER MARIE who's birthday was this weekend. Heather and I were Chaparral Choir dorks together (actually, she was always very cool, but I was dorky), we graduated together, and roomed together at BYU our freshman year (which, unfortunately, was my only year at BYU). Heather was THE best roommate EVER and I love her to pieces. She is still so much fun to talk to and hang out with and is one of the best women I know. I mean, really, super mom? It's Heather. Super friend? Heather. Super sister, aunt, daughter, etc? IT'S HEATHER. I'm so excited to be having our babies (her 4th) close by each other again so when we're old and make our husbands and kids hang out together, they'll have people to enjoy while I enjoy my Heather-time.

This was our Christmas card picture (1995) taken outside of DT (which isn't gonna be there much longer). Yes, we send cards with a poem parody and this picture. I can't tell you what a great influence she has been in my life! What memories! Hope you had a great birthday, Heather! I love ya to bits! And one of these days I'll send ya something fun and/or creative and/or thoughtful to celebrate your turning 25 (again!) LOVE YA!


Chris and Heather Rice said...

Thanks Sarah! Wow...a post just for me! You are too kind. That pictures brings back great memories and I have to admit it makes me sad that DT won't be there much longer. Thanks for thinking of me and for making me feel good! Love you,

Troy and Nancee said...

What a great picture!! I remember those days. Happy birthday to Heather! I'm so bad with birthdays too.

Jenn S. said...

Happy Birthday Heather!!