Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Boogie Boy!

Today's Nate's birthday. I love him. I'm glad he's getting old so I can love him even more!

Love you little brother!
PS. It was Dave's birthday, too, a couple weeks ago. I really love him a lot, too. He just never reads our blog (I don't think) and was all la-tee-da in Mexico for his birthday, so he didn't get a picture shout out on the 18th. I'm glad he's getting old, too (not that it means he's grown up or anything . . . just old!) Love you, Doobie :)


Jerolyn said...

love the first pic!

Erin said...

I do love the first pic too! But, I have to say, I also love Mike's face in picture #2. Along with our glasses. And the big brother/little brother puffy paint t-shirts the boys were wearing. Thank you. Thank you very much!

Leah and Dustin said...

I love all of your old fun!!
Happy belated Birthday, nate!