Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Phase I

Let's hear it for Easter! Woo. (Did you feel my enthusiasm?) I told Tyler on Sunday that I was pretty sure Easter was one of my least favorite holidays, which, yes, seems kinda sacriligeous. I do enjoy the time to think about Christ's ressurection and all, it's more the bunny business that I get fed up with. And holidays that last forever (like a week of preperation and party-ing) have a way of turning me off. Well, except Christmas because that's supposed to take forever to get things all together, but Easter? C'MON! We celebrated a joint St. Patrick's/Easter/March birthday party with the Barlows a week before Easter (which is very efficient and multi-tasky of us.) It was fun to have everyone over to our house, but I wasn't really feeling too much better from my attack of the CRUD, so I didn't bust out the camera for that party. Later in the week our great friends, the Petersen family, decided to escape the snow and visit us for a few days of Spring Break. They got here Thursday and we dyed Easter eggs:
Here's Brevin and Kate stuck on the same color. If we couldn't swap their mugs fast enough the next egg went right into the same color:
Carter Petersen

And here's Amy with their youngest, Tyler. When they had Tyler they told us we'd be getting a package in the mail, but were all cryptic about the baby. When we got the package we found out they had named their newest after Tyler. (Okay, not so much AFTER him; they liked the name, but at least Tyler hadn't ruined the connotation while John and Tyler served their missions together. The conversation could have been: Amy saying, "I like the name Tyler," and then John saying, "No way! I served with this dork of a guy named Tyler." Instead John was able to say, "Yeah, the Tyler I know's pretty okay.") We love 'em all.
We all really enjoyed the nice weather and great conversations during the Petersen's visit. We pretty much hung out Thursday night (Tyler got Amy up to speed on the Big Foot addiction he's developped). Friday we went to the park and had a water fight and then the adults went to Grand Luxe Cafe. It was a great time for all of us; crazy at times with 7 kids under the age of 8, but they all played really well and there was no drama. Of course, I made a couple trips to Target that week to fix some of the Easter Bunny's previous shopping mistakes and to finish up some necessary purchases for the rest of the weekend's events (to follow in the next phase installments on the blog!) Boing! Boing! Bounce, Bounce.


John Petersen said...

Okay, I don't know if you see coments after a post is this old, but for the record our Tyler was named after your Tyler and we like the name.


John Petersen said...

Don't mind the typos