Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Did anybody else see . . .

Frontline: Bush's War on PBS?
We're a mess.


chanel said...

Do I really want to watch this? It would probbaly provide good amo, but Im sure its horribly depressing! Thanks for the link, I'll try and buck up and watch.

On a side note, we have a woman in our ward whos husband is/was a secret service agent adn spent most of the past 8 years protecting Bush, she told some amazing stories which really endeared me to him. I think he might actually be a nice person/human being- SHOCKER. ;)
But it makes me think his niceness has gotten us in all this trouble b/c he listens to really BAD people.
I guess I better watch this PBS thing! Thanks!

robin said...

Is this propaganda? There is a reason I don't watch PBS but I'll try to give it a listen.

barlows said...

Chanel and Robin,
More than anything I found the documentary to be really interesting. IT was VERY in depth and I think I decided Bush must be a fairly decent guy, but the politics of our nation is really disturbing. I only watched the second part, but will be watching Part I this weeked.