Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To Do Tuesday (this week and last)

Alright, alright! I know I haven't blogged much. We had some fabulous company last week and then all the Easter festivities, but in my spare time I have been busy with some serious reading. I have always loved to read; will stay up late to get a chapter further or pull my current book out to read a few more lines at a stoplight, etc. I just love a good story. There are few books I haven't finished because once I start I HAVE to know how it ends, even the ones I don't particularly care for. Some people ask how I have time to read, and I think my little bits of book at a time must add up because then I finish a honking novel in a few weeks. Well, this week I have hardly even checked blogs or accomplished much else since I started this baby last week.

The book club I attend sporadically with my teacher friends picked this book for the meeting next month. Now, I can't go to the meeting, but have heard the book was pretty intriguing. So, I started the 971 page historical fiction-ish book last week and have really been into it. Tyler keeps asking "When's your book report due?" I imagine my reading time will be really cut short when the baby arrives, so I am soaking it all in now. And let me say 723 pages have not disappointed yet. I highly recommend this book!

Right before I started "Pillars" I finished this puppy:
It was really interesting, apparantly popular in the 60's, and I wouldn't call myself a HUGE Leon Uris fan, but the information was quite enthralling. I would recommend this book for the educational (although completely slanted) point of view about the conflict in Israel. I would say I cried at the end of this novel, and felt pretty drained, but am glad for having read the book.
So, that's pretty much what's been going on (other than the normal house cleaning, errand running, child rearing). I do have more to post from the weekend, and it'll totally fall way after the fact, but the pics are too cute to not post. Maybe I'll finish the last couple hundred pages and can get back to the norm again.


Beth said...

You do inspire me to want to read more.

chanel said...

awesome! i have to check out pillars!

chris jenkins said...

have you joined good reads? if you haven't you should - i have found countless books to read that way because i too read a lot because i never sleep.

i will have to check out that pillars book once i get through my huge stack i got from the library.

and can't wait to see the pics because your kids are always so cute!