Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm still alive . . .barely

I am still here. Barely. Actually, after a better night's sleep last night compared to the past couple nights, I feel like I can make it through the day. Well, morning, at least. I cannot convince my boys to be less needy, more share-y, and to stop yelling. I suppose a good thing is all the gunk in my head is clogging my ears and I can't hear the boys yelling and whining and complaining. In the past few days of despair, I have to share some things I have made sure to be thankful for:

*A husband who took a 2 hour lunch on Tuesday so I could sleep
* Extra strength Tylenol EVERY 4 hours
* Angie Tanner for bringing in dinner on Tuesday night that my kids LOVED. AND for driving extra carpool. SOO above and beyond!
* Chris Jenkins for bringing dinner last night, which was actually dinner for TWO nights! My kids gobbled it down and Tyler couldn't stop eating last night. Also, thanks for the phone calls and other offers to help with my kids.
* Mindie Barlow for being AWESOME in every way, but mostly being patient enough to take my three kids to the park so I could go to the Dr. and get some rest yesterday. I'm grateful they were run around enough so they had little energy when they got home. And thanks for the slushie. You. are. wonderful
* Amelia Haycock for totally running my kids around to their activities and reminding me to get some rest every time I texted or called her the past couple days.
* Erin, Shawna, Donna, ElRae, Alexis, my in-laws, my mom (and others) have all been SO great to call and check on me; not that I answered many of their calls since it hurts my throat to talk, but I appreciate you checking on me and offering to help with the kids, food, etc.
* One remaining Dr.'s appointment to see my general practitioner at THE perfect time.
* That after a breathing treatment, I didn't, in fact, have pneumonia
* Dr. Wahab. Love her. She's SO up front and honest about things and doesn't mince words, but at the same time is compassionate about my situation.
* A humidifier blowing right in my face
* A baby that keeps kicking so I don't have to worry about him. (That's the nicest way of saying, "What the crap kind of gymnastics is this kid working on?)
* My K*Swiss water bottle that has kept me dehydrated
* Rice pudding. Thanks, Mom.
* Mentholatum.
* Really soft toilet paper . . . FOR MY NOSE! I've been just carrying around a roll for when my nose gets the drips.
* Antibiotics for the serious sinus and upper respiratory infection that I have
* For not having the official flu.

So, thanks for all the comments, too, on the 'ol blog. It's nice to check in online in the midst of my sick-stupor to find out what the healthy are up to. . . Erin?! Orange-licious, still?! C'mon I know you've had the crud, too, but a little sumthin' sumthin'!


Lindsay said...

I totally feel for you! I was in bed and couldn't hardly move last month with, what sounds like, the same thing! It's definitely no fun being sick...and I think it's even worse to be pregnant on top of it because you're already tired, plus you can't take a lot of the meds that would normally clear you up in a heartbeat. That's good you had so much help and good for those people being able to serve you! I hope you feel better soon!

sarah said...

hope you feel better soon. i'm terrified i'm going to get this "crud" that is going around! wouldn't that just be fantastic! NOT!!! get better soon.

Marsha said...

Sarah, I talked to you're mom. She told me just how sick you, I'm so sorry. Speedy recovery to you, it's so nice just to crash, but with kids thats tough. Sweet dreams till the drugs kick in.

slave said...

I didn't know you were sick until last night and I read your blog. Hope you feel better. I hate when I was sick and pregnant.

robin said...

I read about all the nice women out there and think yeah! (this is why I'll never be r.s. prez.) I did miss you wed. night. I really do hope that your feeling better.

Tausha said...

Hi-u don't know me and i don't really know you (except what i have read from your blog. i love it! It made me laugh and giggle like a school girl! You are one fabulous lady! i really hope that you are feeling better soon. If i lived where you do, i would take your kids and bring you dinner and a little somethin somethin that is sweet, just for you! Come check me out-maybe we can be "bloggin Buddies" i'll be back. Go to bed early and dream of quiet, sleeping children, a clean house, full gas tank and your husband grocery shopping AND putting it away!