Monday, March 17, 2008

Water Boarding

Isn't water-boarding a form of torture or something? I don't know the details 'bout that, but I thought I'd update y'all on last week's rock-throwing/ceramic-frog-smashing incident at our house. If you thought I was upset, you should have seen Tyler when he got home that night and saw the carnage I was unable to pull from the spa. In Tyler's defense he almost always has to get the rocks off the bottom of the pool (or the cars or balls or whatever else has been launched in) and he was DONE with it. We were sitting down to dinner when Tyler got home, so he went and looked at what had been done (cuz you know that day I had called him at work to complain about the situation) and when he came in he announced to Brevin and Brock, "When you're done with dinner, you'll be stripping to your underwear and getting in the spa to pick up all those pieces." Brevin immediately protested, the girls started to get upset FOR the boys because they knew how cold the water would be, and I looked at Tyler with a are-you-really-gonna-make-them-do-that? look. Tyler just reiterrated the punishment and explained it would be cold, but they wouldn't die.

Sure enough, after dinner, the boys got in their skivvies and Tyler dropped him in the spa. It was freezing. I opted to get in the shower so's not to be involved and the next thing I know both the girls are bawling at my door for their brothers' plight. (Kinda sweet, in a way.) When I came out, Tyler had them in the warm tub and the tears had mostly dried. Brevin was SURE that night that he was never even going out back again cuz he didn't want to have to get in the cold water again.

Brock? Yeah, he littered the pool with about 15 rocks the VERY NEXT DAY! What are we gonna do with that kid!


Beth said...

Good for Tyler. Too bad the message didn't come through loud and clear for Brock! And, how sweet of your girls for caring so much. You're definitely doing something right!

Leah and Dustin said...

Boys will be boys!
Maybe it's time for a fence?!

The Rowles said...

I love it. Not sure if my son would get it but my girls would be crying. I can just envision the whole episode.

Doty6strong said...

Brandon will be glad to hear he is NOT the only dad enforcing punishments to go along with the crimes. Emma cries for Marc when he gets in trouble too. H.F. gives us those moments to help us realize the kids really do love eachother!!