Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Phase II

Saturday dawned a little chilly and breezy; perfect for the ward Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. We took the Petersens (don't we show our visitors a great Vegas time!) and headed to the park for the games, an egg hunt, and breakfast.
Mackenzie was all in the spirit:

So were John, Tyler, and Carter

And can you tell how excited Tyler and Brock were?

Of course, Brevin's on board if he's getting eggs of candy.

And then there's Caylee. Before we ever left the house I asked her, "Are you SURE you don't want a jacket, it's pretty chilly this morning." She assured me she'd be fine and off we went. Shortly after arriving was the egg hunt and this is what her reaction was to that:

Apparantly NOT the most successful hunt-er, but not to worry, breakfast and games to follow, right? Oh no! This is the beginning of the end for her. She seriously whined and cried and moped for an entire hour while we were at the park! It was so infuriating. She was cold; she didn't like her candy; the blanket Sister Galvin brought her from her car wasn't Caylee's own blanket; the jacket Kenzie loaned her was too big; she wanted more bacon; her friends were all playing; the Easter Bunny is a fake, dressed up one; and on and on and on! FINALLY we went to the play thing and she spent the last 15 minutes running around with her girlfriends. I swear she's imbalanced sometimes!

Here's Kenzie and Brock with the fake, dressed up Easter Bunny:
There were a lot of fun games (mostly for the kids), but the potato sack races were the best. Mackenzie full-out DOVE for the finished line and won by a nose. She was sore the next day, but I was pretty proud of how hard-core she was; she went all out. So, Tyler, not to be out-done, worked his fanny off in the 19-34 year old heat (which ended up being more like 16-34) and took a note from his daughter's playbook and went for it at the end. He was pretty proud of his grass-stain for the whole day.
The rest of Saturday was pretty full with the ham pick-up (thank you Honeybaked store), our nephews nd niece's b-day party (thank you Amy for yummy food), and a basketball game (thank you for UNLV for LOSING - not!). And whoever wrote the song "Saturday is a Special Day" knew that we should be grateful, no matter how hectic Saturday is because Sunday is gonna be worse, probably, and you should get as much of your stuff done ahead of time as possible! That'll be in the next Easter installment.

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