Thursday, February 15, 2007

101 Things About Me

1. I am a night owl. I prefer to stay up later than anyone in my family, except maybe my daughter. She’s a night owl too and has the stamina to outlast me some nights. I think that early to bed, early to rise thing is a good theory, but I can’t follow through with the practice.
2. I love to write
3. I love to read
4. I look forward to scrapbooking any chance I can
5. I feel like I am a bad mother on more days than I feel like a good one
6. I am a visual learner
7. I get a kick out of organizing things
8. I make up projects for myself
9. I love to teach
10. I think of a myself as a world traveler that has only been to the states (and a quick cruise to Mexico)
11. I love my husband more each day
12. I DO like intimacy when I can forget about my to-do list. Sometimes intimacy is on my to-do list.
13. I think about drinking Coke a lot, especially now that I am cutting back.
14. I wish I didn’t have stretch marks.
15. I am thankful for clean sheets
16. I can figure out a theme or some sort of coordination thread with my kids’ outfits most days.
17. I really think “Presentation is Everything!” about a lot of things.
18. I have really good friends and I really wish I were better at being a friend to them.
19. I feel like I owe it to serve and do my best.
20. I believe in Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, the Word of Wisdom, and modern dispensation prophets.
21. Sometimes I question why I believe in Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, the Word of Wisdom, and modern prophets, and then I still believe.
22. I enjoy diversity
23. I think the world would feel better if we were all conservative democrats
24. think education is one of the greatest gifts I can give my kids, and none of them think that’s cool.
25. My siblings (birth and in-law alike) are my bestest friends.
26. I would rather have a lot of shoes from Payless than a few name-brand types.
27. I could spend a million dollars at Target
28. My kids have too many clothes. I have too many clothes. My husband has too many clothes.
29. I let my kids watch TV more than I should.
30. I like camping and kind of miss the old days when we used tents.
31. I will eat food even when I am not hungry.
32. I don’t wash my hair every time I shower.
33. I don’t shower every single day. You do the probability.
34. I like to watch reality TV.
35. I enjoy playing games.
36. I like talking to strangers.
37. I am fascinated by others’ lives and their stories.
38. I LOVE broadway musical music and listen to it on road trips.
39. I look forward to when I am a grandparent.
40. I would go back to high school again.
41. I have dream jobs that all involve microphones.
42. I love all sorts of colors, but especially green.
43. I think desert landscaping is pretty ugly.
44. I have to tell my husband how funny I am.
45. I am afraid of losing one of my children or my husband, so I have developed a plan of how I would deal with that tragedy, should it occur.
46. I like staying at hotels.
47. I have control issues I am working on.
48. Chaos makes me nervous.
49. I am a lazy person. I can’t hold on to grudges or emotions or judgments for too long. I don’t have the energy.
50. My toes are ticklish.
51. I love to get massages.
52. I envy those with good style and skinny bodies.
53. I love to look at art and appreciate the talent it takes to create something from nothing.
54. I want to go back to school
55. I hope they call me on a mission.
56. I like going to church, even stake conference.
57. I would like to wear jeans to everything because I don’t have to iron jeans.
58. I consider it a minor miracle to be able to shower, do my hair, and put on make up in the same day.
59. I used to tell people I was allergic to nuts instead of explaining it was just about the nasty taste.
60. I am very impatient.
61. I am always running behind and late.
62. I feel panicked when I realize I don’t have my cell phone.
63. I HAVE to check my email and regular blogs daily.
64. I could shop at the mall everyday and enjoy it.
65. I love a good thunderstorm.
66. I space things all the time and make up stuff that didn’t happen.
67. I think I talk too much and sometimes regret the things I say.
68. I am a get-it-out-on-the table kind of gal.
69. I think my husband is hotter than most.
70. I know I am hard on Mackenzie because she’ll be a better person for it later in her life.
71. I whine.
72. I yell.
73. I like wearing acrylic nails.
74. I fantasize about vacations with no kids and lots of books to read.
75. I like the outdoors.
76. I am in Oprah’s cult. I buy into most everything she has on her show.
77. I think the DVR has changed my life.
78. I would rate Office Depot and Office Max as a couple of my favorite stories to shop at.
79. I have high expectations.
80. I don’t really like cooking dinner.
81. I still get nervous at parent-teacher conferences.
82. I think about the road less traveled only when I am overwhelmed with my kids.
83. I like small, sporty, sleek cars
84. I am not afraid to go to the movies or eat at a restaurant by myself.
85. I am opposed to honking my horn at the school drop-off spot, EVEN if most of the other parents are rude and inconsiderate.
86. I love people watching.
87. I have worn the same perfume for over ten years.
88. I make up words to the songs I like because I am bad a memorizing stuff.
89. I think someone is going to out me for being too young to have kids as old as they are getting. While they’re at it, they could out me for being irreverent, judgmental, and insufficient in most things I do.
90. I love to copy crafty people.
91. I tell myself and others I am not very competitive because I lose most things and don’t want to look like I care about the failure.
92. I can do hard things.
93. I am proud of my family.
94. I think too many people spend too much time on trying to hide from their shortcomings, so 95. I try to acknowledge and embrace mine.
96. I think we all have issues. Some more than others, but a few at the least.
97. I worry my kids are growing too fast, yet I can’t wait for them to be older.
98. I still work for my parents’ approval.
99. I’d listen to country music over rap or heavy metal or alternative.
100. I hope to influence others’ lives in a good way.
101. I am just a normal girl with big hopes, relying on a lot of faith, and the stubbornness to keep working toward it all.


Chris said...

i enjoyed reading your answers and although i may not always agree - i am a republican, i think Oprah can be a bit much, i don't always enjoy going to church, i do not enjoy the mall, and a few other things - i love all those things about you and i am blessed to call you friend.

by the way girl, you are so much better at this blog thing than i am, i knew you would be!

p.s. the story about tyler and the paper flowers was very sweet!

Stac said...

Wow, I learned so much about you I didn't know! Great post!