Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sa-Weet Tomatoes

I just have a few minutes while my cake is cooking (yeah, I know, I am really baking and making a dessert for the Oscar shin-dig I'm going to tonight!) and I wanted to give shout out to my buddy, Daniel, who met me (and Erin) for lunch yesterday at Sweet Tomatoes. It was great to get back in touch with him, catch up on the past decade, and do some serious reminiscing. He still cracks me up and I remember what great therapy he was during the very dramatic junior high years. I think I met him at the bus stop for the 6th grade center over in the projects. . . I think. I have a horrible memory (as Erin and Daniel can attest by the number of people I didn't remember from our old neighborhood.) Either way, after we met I remember spending a lot of time walking home from school, hiding out at his house, driving to seminary in the morning with him and his mom (I had 100% attendance those 2 years!), and just being a good friend. After high school and the year at BYU, I stayed at home and went to Community College for the semester before I got married and was excited to run into Daniel a few times and we chatted a little. Ya know how there are people you can be friends with, and it doesn't matter how much time has passed, or how little you have spoken to each other, hanging out once in every ten years is still okay and you just pick up where you left off? I kept having to say, though, "Okay, go back a little bit . . ." I don't really want that much time to pass again, I'd love to keep in contact. He'll make a great addition to the list of my super girlfriends! Sigh. It was good. It was fun and we laughed and he tripped out a little at our mom-status, but it was good. Oh, and Daniel, THERE are the fabulous tinted glasses in the pic! LOL. Mine aren't better unless you're into large plastic babies!


Daniel said...

Well Ok we could have been friends until you used that horrible picture!! Just kidding I loved lunch and seeing the two of you definatly was great I look forward to seeing you both very soon!!

Erin Mohler said...

Yeah, that's pretty bad. I can't believe you would post that on the internet for the world to see. I would have to say we've all improved with time--not trying to boast, but we couldn't have gotten much worse!

Nan said...

Excellent picture my beautiful friend:)