Friday, February 23, 2007

FO SHO! (at least for today!)

Here are a couple of things I know for sure.

I am sure that nobody should honk their horn at the drop-off spots for schools. I know, I know, people are lame drivers and inconsiderate and park in THE worst places, but WHAT does honking the horn do? I am sure that that mom or dad is doing their very best to do what they need to do and it is NO WAY helpful for someone to be honking behind them (or gesturing or shouting or whatever.) Trust me, there have been many times when I've been wanting to lay on my steering wheel, but I don't because it's not helping the situation at all.

I am sure that my husband loves me. Why? For many reasons, but I'll name a couple: #1 he watches Gray's Anatomy every week with me even though he HATES the whole thing. #2 he takes ALL the kids (yeah, all 4) camping for a night so I can have some me time. #3 he doesn't give me crap when I stay out late nights and then am tired the next day and I then complain about it.

If I make a choice for my kids, it won't be the right one. There are some things my kids don't get an opinion about, but for most of the things we decide, they HAVE to tell me it's the opposite choice of what I decided. For example, "Here's oatmeal for breakfast, Mackenzie," she answers, "but I wanted toast and yogurt!" OR, "Caylee, I rented a Barbie movie for you today," [Whining] "But I wanted Polly Pocket!" OR, "Here Brevin, I got these clothes for you to put on," his reply, "Uuuh, I wanted the CARS shirt and army pants." OR, "Here's juice Brock," and right on cue, "NO!" (I am sure the more words he masters the complaint will be more involved.)

Having a passport make me feel sophisticated. I don't know that there is anyway to explain it, but when I opened my envelope I felt a little more la-tee-da!

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Chris said...

Tyler deserves a medal.

i am not allowed to complain! and i have no idea what me time is.

when are you going on your trip?