Friday, February 16, 2007

All in Knots

Okay, I know this may sound pathetic, but I am finding I am particularly sensitive and that sensitivity seems to hit my stomach. Last night I was go, go, go and by 3am I awoke with horrible stomach cramps and frequent rushes to the bathroom. I have been analyzing why my stomach could be rebelling right now since I am convincing myself it isn't a virus. (If it was a virus that would mean I'd be looking at all my kids possibly getting sick and I can't really go there this morning.) So, here are my options about the stomach: #1) My body didn't like the rush of the evening (music class, visit teaching, youth conference meeting) #2) The quick bites of dinner I took on the run didn't settle well because I ate so fast #3) I ate too many cinnamon rolls when I stopped by my mom's after the last meeting #4) I can't handle the suspense with what's going to happen to happen to Merrideth on Grey's Anatomy. It's quite possible #4 is the winner since I get totally sucked in, even though I knew there was one more show in the little mini-drama series within the series. I laughed out loud at some parts, gasped when Izzy read George the riot act, and totally teared when all those people were finding out about their loved ones. Tyler pokes fun of me the enitre time I am doing it, but I can't help myself. I call it empathetic, he calls it pathetic, and it all gave me a tummy ache! I am off to conquer the day, sick or not . . . that's what mom's do.


Erin Mohler said...

There were cinnamon rolls at Mom's last night??? Thanks for the heads up! I dreamed about Meredith last night too. And of course I think Patrick Dempsey crying over her made him even more sexy!

Stac said...

ok, so I thought the exact same thing as Erin when I read there were cinnamon rolls at the house last night! Why was I not over there?

Jenn Stanworth said...


Feeling sick to your stomach?
Peeing all the time?
Overly Emotional?
Sudden urges to eat copius amounts of sweets?

Barlow Baby #5 perhaps? :)

Beth said...

There must have been something in the air, because yesterday I woke up and before I even left the bedroom, was straightening and clearing out stuff. I cleaned out my nightstand, which was a wonderful, theraputic experience, badly needed. Next, I moved on to the kitchen. I decided to clear off the kitchen counter. To do that, I had to make room in the "below" cupboards. To do that, I removed some large Pampered Chef pieces I hardly ever use, but don't want to get rid of, that will relocate out to the garage. Then, I cleared out some unused/needed tupperware. Long story, but my food processor now has a home below deck and the toaster oven is going to D.I. Makes lots of room for the darling canister set I found at Home Goods that's going to be darling! Then, later, in hopes that I could relocate the numerous greeting card collection I have to the hall cupboard, I cleaned it out. I found some photos from my trip to Louisiana in 1995 that STILL need to be albumed. I was able to clear out SEVERAL candles, both large and small and a few sundry items. I put everything back in a very nice, neat way, including the 13 DVDs that had found a semi permanant residence in our TV niche. Sadly, though, short of throwing away other peoples stuff, there's not room to put the card collection. Hmm...maybe I need to attack the bottom hall cupboard. But, I'm on a roll. I don't know what's going on, but I'm feeling a need to eliminate what's not vital. Hard to do when you live with a certified, though very neat about it, pack rat.