Tuesday, February 13, 2007

6 crazy things about me

My sister-in-law tagged me in person this afternoon while we lunched at my sisters. APPARENTLY, I am supposed to list six crazy things about myself, tag six of my blogger friends (which I think I may have four + Stacy, who tagged me), they check my blog and do the same "tag" from their blog. Am I retarded at explaining things or what? [Total sidenote, I kindof obsess about the punctuation with such long sentences. Sometimes I think that a sentence should be nice to look at even if it breaks some of the standard English grammar rules - I know, I am such a rebel.] So, hear it goes . . .

#1. I used to eat dog food and cold beans with bacon soup as a child. EWW! I know, gross. I quit doing both when I realized it was pretty socially uncouth to eat soup from the can or food that animals eat. My dad says its why my hair is so healthy and shiney.

#2. When I have unresolved issues I start to dream about them. It's not bad enough to be mentally busy during the day with little things, but by the time they start showing up in dreams I know I have to get some closure.

#3. I have a coordination thing. I don't even know how to identify it, but somehow I think it's related to my control issues (what isn't?) Even if I don't pick out my kids' clothes to coordinate by color or style, I can usually identify some common thread in their outfits so TECHNICALLY we can be coordinated. I know, it's weird. Sometimes I have to stretch, and now that we have more kids I sometimes have to coordinate in groups and have multiple themes going. Really, who's going to notice or care, but IF the time comes when someone asks what we have in common I can tell them SOMETHING, even if it's that we all have white underwear on or something.

#4. I really believe that their is a nut oil that permeates all foods that have nuts in them. People always try to tell me that I don't like nuts because of the texture, or that the nuts are so small I wouldn't be able to taste them in the food. BUT, I think that's false. When I eat a brownie that has been baked with nuts in them, I can taste the nut EVEN if I don't actually have a nut in my mouth, and that is not what I bargained for. I think I don't like nuts because they're sneaky. It's like, given a choice, people would rather eat a brownie than nuts, so the nut has to leak it's juices all over the brownie and RUIN the yummy treat. The same applies for other desserts, salads, etc. If I want a nut, I'll eat a nut. Don't put it in on the sly, thanks.

#5. I have a hard time wearing my shoes in my house. I know, the Fly Lady is shaking her head, but I end up with a huge pile of shoes by our front door by the end of the week.

#6. I don't know if this is weird (I often tell myself that everyone does this kind of thing), but I like to organize my organizers. Meaning, I am always on the hunt for a better calendar, reminder-system, etc. I had a planner (too bulky), got an electronic planner (played too many games), got a color-coordinated wall calendar (not portable enough), got a mom's planner, etc. The mom's planner I got is great, but I am already growing weary of it. Maybe Tyler's right and I do create projects for myself out of nothing.

That's it. Nothing too weird or crazy. Just me and a little closer look at my innards. Woo hoo!


elrae said...

Okay Sarah don't feel like nobody is reading. I read it and I read it to Donna while she was feeding the baby. Can we be taken out of the nobdy category. : ) And you're right. You are a bit crazy but crazy likes company to join the crowd!

Jenn Stanworth said...

Yay for a blog! Hooray! I love reading about you and your life Sarah. I loved January/Feb's newsletter - I totally want to go to ScrapFest '07!

I don't think I knew about those 6 things - fascinating! :)

Stac said...

Welcome to the world of Blogging! I am so glad you have joined and I look forward to reading your blog now. Oh and I like cold bean and bacon soup too, maybe we can eat that at our next meal exchange lunch! Love ya!

Nan The Torpedoes said...

I can't wait to see you this weekend. I loved reading your blogs, you are so flippin' silly & fun. No wonder we always got along so well! :)

Chris said...

oh my- you are weirder than i thought - :P - LOL. Just kidding! but dog food? that's freakin nasty!

i will do my quirks later this week.

hope your v-day is going fab!

take care~

Daniel said...

OK All I can say is that your nut thing is disturbing on so many levels. I can say that I laughed out loud so hard today that my stomach actually hurts.