Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Little Love

It's late and I should be going to sleep, but after a late dinner and loads of laundry, I thought I'd send out a little love to all those who are checkin' in on this Valentine's Day (or probably the day after!) I never really thought Valentine's was a huge holiday to celebrate, and I am not nearly organized and together enough to do cutesy treats and thoughtful cards for people, but I did enjoy my day today. There's something about every holiday this year that will be a little more unique than most years, though, since I reminisce every holiday in 2007 about how Tyler and I celebrated those holidays our first year together in 1997. Actually, our relationship really had a hint of promise when Tyler sent me a Steve Young Valentine card up to BYU my freshman year (1996). It opened the door for some communication and flirting, and, boy, I am sure he never knew what he was really getting in to when he sent that card. Ten years ago, however, I had to work the closing shift at Lin's Market in Cedar City, UT. I hated that job for all the cleaning, greezy fried chicken, and ugh, EVERYTHING. We were so poor and thick into school and work and the freezing cold February and when I got home from work Tyler had left me a bouquet of hand-drawn roses, cut out, colored, and stuffed into a paper vase. How cute is that? I should take the time to figure how to post pics cuz you know I kept those flimsy, janky, roses. I asked him if he remembered what he gave me that first Valentine's tonight when we were headed in to the restaurant tonight. He answered (total credit) the Steve Young Valentine card. I asked him if he remembered our first married Valentine's, he didn't get that one, and so I reminded him how sweet and creative he had been. He laughed and said, "Yeah, I am still treating you to cheap Valentine's." (He had won a comped dinner at the Italian restaurant at the South Point during a golf tournie, so we were using that tonight.) I really don't care about the price of Valentine's. I don't. We had a great time just eating without having to take care of the kids (Never mind they were totally naughty for the babysitter and I had to do some major chewing out when I got home) and trying to have adult conversation (which is usually about the kids or other people; no real deep and personal analytical convo between the two of us - oh, Tyler did tell me, once we were seated, that the make-out couple next to us, who were also waiting for a table, I guess the guy totally had his hand down his girl's pants - tacky! oh well, I guess everyone celebrates their own way. I am just not one much for public fondling . . . anyway). I decided this morning to make Tyler a basket of all his favorite crap food that we've cut out of our diet and cellophaned it and left it with some balloons at his office while he was at lunch. He was surprised and thrilled (nothing says I love you like ELFudge cookie, Ben and Jerry's, and DOTS, etc.) and I was happy to make him happy. The kids enjoyed the McDonald's treat and Mackenzie got a kick out of the apology note I wrote on a box of candy hearts (she was mad I made her wear french braids to school . . . the nerve of her mother!) All in all I'd say it was a successful Valentine's day. I am going to bed loving my family. And, like Valentine's Day, there are many times I wonder if that will be a once a year occurance too. Loves to y'all!

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Jenn Stanworth said...

Sarah - I love how you write, because I can just hear your voice saying these things and it just cracks me up (and makes me miss you a ton). Keep bloggin' - I love it!