Friday, February 9, 2007


It's 1:39am and I am still awake! Tyler headed to Lee's Ferry this weekend with his buddies for a make-up fishing trip and consequently, I am puttering. I didn't get home from the temple until later in the evening and got the kids put to bed even later than later in the evening and THEN I had to watch a few shows I DVR'd and NOW here I am writing a post that probably nobody will read since no one knows I have a blog. Does anyone see the incredible ignorance in the fact that I am staying up later than too late to write about not much to NOBODY!? I am losing it. But, that's what I do when Tyler's out of town. I putter.

Most of the time I will make mental lists for weeks about the projects I want to knock out while he's gone (which is fairly often in comparison to my out-of-towners, if you want to keep count.) Then, once he's gone, I usually just end up puttering. Actually, I downloaded my monthly pics for the newsletter/email where I can share this blog address, so, I guess I did accomplish something.

I am sitting here thinking of our day and I am actually marvelling at how quickly the day (and time) goes. It seems like there will always be so much time to get things done in my day and then, before I know it, it's noon and we're celebrating the success that we all finally got dressed. Inservice days are particularly fleating since our normal schedule and rhythm is a little off with one more person in the house. We did accomplish violin lessons, a clean house (ha ha, not by me, but by the cleaning lady Paula), a trip to Target for valentines and dishwasher detergent (and a cute shirt and some clearance flip flops), dinner for the missionaries (had to drop it at their place since I spaced that obligation), Caylee's music class, and a leadership meeting at the temple. BUT, one true accomplishment was managing to miss Brock's messy bomb-diaper that he managed to hold on to until I had left him at the babysitter's. (Thanks for taking one for the team, Ethan!) Some days feel like a week has happened in the hours we're given. I guess the days really feel longer when you stay up too late putterin' around. I am going to give up the ghost!

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