Monday, February 26, 2007

Why don't moms get sick days?

A couple of years ago I grew a tumor on my right ovary and had to have it removed. For months before I had the surgery I knew I was having a problem, even went to the doctor, but until I landed in the ER I didn't know that I was developing a large cyst that would take over normal function of "Rovary". So, the past couple weeks I have had tummy trouble that would lasts a day or so. Every now and then I get this dull ache right around my kidney (on my back.) I have been wondering and trying to think back to the beginning symptoms of the loss of Rovary and I can't recall if it all started the same. Everything is pointing to Lovary hitting the skids. SO, logically, I should go to the Dr., right? I am just not sure how all that works. I am not sure what part of my day job as a stay-at-home mom is supposed to include trips to MY doctor. I need a sick day. I need a time to go to my doctor, be allowed to take the tests, go to lunch afterward, and come home to nap until I feel better. That doesn't happen! Instead, in between stomach cramps, I get to do the dishes (twice -unload, load, unload, load). After being up all night because of aforementioned stomach aches, I get to put away the 11 loads of laundry I did over the weekend. I get to play referee to whining kids, fix three lunches, clean up the kids' toys over and over and over. Finally, I did manage to convince Caylee and Brevin to nap with me and did get some rest, but, alas, no dr.'s appointment or tests. I am expecting more back aches, etc. until this mom can get a sick day!

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Beth said...

Make the appointment. I'll take off work and watch the kids. Dont' wait around on this!