Saturday, February 10, 2007


I just read my friend, Annilee's, blog and am so shocked (and a little devastated) to find out she is moving to the NW side of town! I am so sad for myself and find that is a common emotion for me to have when I find out a friend is moving away. Never mind the fact that she's buying a house for her and her family, that she'll feel settled after many months here and many more months trying to sell her Utah home to move here . . . SIGH. I still feel bad for myself. Pity party over, I am happy for her and every time I head to Mt. Charleston I know I can visit.

Tonight I went to our church's annual Valentine STAG! Another Shocker? Probably not. Many of you know me well enough to know I have a hard time passing up a social situation. For the past two years, Tyler and I have gone to dinner with our friends, the Littles and Royals, and then hit the church for dancing, dessert, and pictures. When Tyler rescheduled his fishing trip for this weekend I asked him not to go. When he decided to still go (which was totally fair and understandable since he was making up for a trip in Jan) I asked him if he would come back early so we could go to the dance. He honestly told me not to count on it; that it probably wouldn't happen. Not happen, smappen. I went. We went to a great dinner at this cute Swiss restaurant and hit the dance. EVERYONE asked "Where's Tyler?" Of course, I had to admit I was the dork who showed up at a dance solo. Oh well, I had a great time (not that I stayed THAT long) and totally appreciate the show of support from my friends. I am sure they were laughing at my desperation, but I hope they will give Tyler a little bit of a hard time next time they see him. Tyler did tell me that this weekend was one of the best fishing trips he had. I am sure part of it was because he didn't have to go to the dance.

One more embarrassing thing I'd like to confess. I send one of those friendship surveys around to some of you. My dear, sweet cousin emailed me back to point out how I TOTALLY should have edited a little more closely as my #18 answer was a little ambiguous. Nobody (who has read the email) should be shocked that I was completely embarrassed and once again have made a fool out of myself. If you don't know what I am talking about (l cannot even explain it in writing) than GREAT! But if you caught my answer and have any questions, let me clarify that I should have typed, "whole BODY" not just "whole."

Nothing else too shocking that I can think of. I am fighting off a residual migraine headache, so I am turning in early. Tyler's home, so no more puttering. Besides I only have a few minutes to relax my "whole body."

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